Usha Balasundaram was born and grew up in Kerala, South India. Dance and music have always been her passion. She danced from her early childhood. At the age of 19, after finishing her education at the high school, she joined the famous dance institution Kalakshetra College of Fine Arts in Chennai....

12th Annual day.

Saraswathy Kalakendra 12th Annual Day Celebration Presented by Rasa Dans Association Students from Saraswathy Kalakendra, Kulturskolan Stockholm and Botkyrka will perform on May 6th from 14.00kl to 17.00kl,

Indian yoga dance with Mudras

We dance and play with graceful hand movements, exciting facial expressions and with foot movement which are all elements of Indian classical dance, in Kulan

Schedule and syllabus

Saraswathy Kalakendra institute of fine arts has dance classes both during weekdays and weekends. Usha Balasundaram also teaches Indian dance in kulturskolan in Stockholm and Botkyrka. Click here to check the timings of different classes. Also check the syllabus for Saraswathy Kalakendra students for the term August 2016 to June 2017 in this link.

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