Carnatic Music

Vidushi Radhini Prasad is a professional carnatic vocal singer. She has performed in many a stage during cultural, governmental, corporate and social gatherings like Indian institute of sciences Bangalore , Mysore Dasara festival , cultural conferences and many more held all throughout the state and the country. She has a bachelor degree in engineering from SJCE Mysore and pursued a master's degree in Carnatic music from music University, India and have been learning Carnatic vocal classical music since her childhood.

Being an mechanical engineer by profession arts was something that got attracted at the very young age.Music started when Radhini was at the age of 5 and her mother Harini Prasad is her first teacher. She continued learning Carnatic classical music and have cleared her higher grade exams with distinctions and have been performing in many renowned stages around the country and won many prizes . She is been learning under many renowned guru's of Karnataka.

Music Instructor: Radhini Prasad and Arun

Second term starts from 09th, August,2018 (Classes on every Sunday)

Time : 10:30 to 11:30

The classes will focus on the following elements of carnatic music:

Ragam, Talam, Bhavam in each song. To lay a better foundation, the theory of music will also be discussed at the end of each class.

Apart from this, creative learning will also be emphasised with group activites like framing kalpana swaras , improvisation on vocal percussion and experimenting with scales and modes will be encouraged for beginners.

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