Winter Activities

Rasa Dance association, Huddinge presents Winter Activities in association with Huddinge Kultur och Fritid. Let us make the Christmas break more enthusiastic by participating in fun activities. Join us for a free workshop and fun games taking place over a span of 3 days along with fantastic Indian food as well as Christmas inspired fika. Kids from 6-22 years can participate in the camp. The time for this exciting activities in from 11 to 15 kl on the following days. Day 1 (22.12.2018) - Yoga (adults and teens) and Jul Pyssel, an art with Christmas theme. Day 2 (23.12.2018) - Bhangra work shop, Christmas games and Christmas fika Day 3 (29.12.2018) - Bollywood workshop, Christmas games with Indian food as well as Christmas fika Address: Vårby alle 22, Varbygard (inside centrum), 143 40 Vårby (T-bana station, Vårbygard) Free registration.

For more details contact:; Phone: 0737262650

Supported by: Huddinge Kultur och Fritid Saraswathy Kalakendra Institution of Fine Arts Embassy of India, Sweden and Latvia Rachna creations

Organised by, Smt.UshaBalasundaram,