Established in 2018 through a fruitful partnership with the Västerås Indian Swedish Association (VISA) and supported by ABF, Saraswathy Kalakendra’s Västerås chapter has become a cultural hub. VISA, fostering social and cultural connections between people of Indian and Swedish descent, has been a steadfast supporter since the chapter’s inception. With around 40 enthusiastic students, both adults and children, divided into four skill-based groups, the classes led by Usha Balasundaram begin with basic warm-ups, progressing to advanced choreographies for the senior group. Beyond VISA events, the students showcase their talents at various festivals organized by Västerås Stad, including barnfestival and kulturnatt, as well as other local associations like Hammarby vårfest and Råby fest. Their scintillating performances have been a source of joy and appreciation throughout the years, further amplified by active participation in Saraswathy Kalakendra’s annual day function.