Welcome to Saraswathy Kalakendra Institution of Fine Arts, a distinguished bharatanatyam dance school catering to individuals of all ages and skill levels, spanning from beginners to advanced practitioners. The name “Saraswathy” symbolizes the goddess of wisdom, while “Kala” represents arts, and “Kendra” embodies a temple.

Our institution currently nurtures a vibrant community of almost 400 students engaged in regular dance classes, ranging in age from 4 to 60 years old. Embracing an international perspective, we welcome individuals of diverse nationalities.

Classes at Saraswathy Kalakendra are thoughtfully structured, aligning with varying levels of dance proficiency. Students not only master fundamental steps and movements but also delve into the rich realms of dance theory and history. Beyond the individual growth of our students, the broader mission of Saraswathy Kalakendra is to safeguard and promote India’s ancient and magnificent cultural heritage through the art of bharathanatyam.